HomeWork – Engineering – Coke Commercials 2

From: Eiden Xie

I think this ad is an great example of showing the attraction of coke and that’s the reason I believe it. Is the best.This advertisement’s name is “Crave”.As you can tell from the name,it tries to deliver one  message– the attractiveness of coke.It actually shows it in a very effective way.The whole video creates a mysterious atmosphere.The music helps with it very much.Throughout the video,lots of supernatural things occur and they are the hooks which grabs the audiences’ attention. When the man is thirsty and wants to buy coke,all the things he sees sort of related to coke.For example,the sculptures are in coke bottle’s shape, and the bike is exactly a coke.Especially in the end of the ad,we know that all those supernatural things come from the man’s mind.When he was hurrying for coke,the world shows the audiences how eager he was,thus they get the feeling of eagerness and the charm of coke.We can assume that after watching this ad,many people will try coke due to its attractiveness which has been shown in the ad.

From: Victor Y.

I’ll quote the top comments here to help explain why THIS is the best Coca-Cola commercial ever:

“i’m studying advertising and i think i’ve just found out the best advert ever. that’s what i talk about when i try to explain how to create strong emotions just using images and good sound. Nobody talks here.. they just sing and smile! what’s better ? I think there’s nothing better. “Coca Cola wins WHATEVER it chooses, and it’ll sing the joy if it wants”.”

This is exactly what Mr. Yu talked about. The best way to let peolple remember something is to let them feel it. Graphics , Musics etc. Everything an Ad does is to try to create a feeling, a emotion in your heart. And humans are emotional creatures. Aren’t you touched when watching this video? If you do then this is definitely a wonderfull commercial. And the best.

From: Clark F.

I selected this AD because it made me laugh and remember it instantly, It shows how different kinds of people from different countries all want coke and that its great for a hot and dry day.

From: Jeffery C.

This is a vintage coca cola commercial from the 1950s. It is different from all the coke commercials seen to day because it is simple and uses words to convince you instead of using images to move you like other modern ones I found. It features a businessman sitting in a restaurant sipping a glass of coke while telling you how refreshing it is to have a coke during break time. It also makes you feel that coke is what gentlemen drink, therefore it gives you more “class”.

From: Kevin Z.

This is the commercial I choose.

Although it is a Pepsi commercial, I see it as a Coke advertisement made by Pepsi.

The video makes people curious about the difference between Coke and Pepsi, and once they taste the two, they will realize how ironic this commercial is: Coke taste way more better than Pepsi.

This commercial actually makes more people drink Coke who previously drink Pepsi. So this is a very successful Coke advertisement.

From: Jimmy Y.

This is the most recent Coca-Cola commercial I have seen, which was revealed at the 2013 Super Bowl. Once again, this commercial uses the most notable characters in Coca-Cola commercials: The polar bears. This time, they are trying to build a snowman, or rather, a snowbear.

This commercial brilliantly shows how Coca-Cola is the perfect drink to enjoy after a day’s work and with family, which is what the last few seconds are designed to show. The other message that Coca-Cola tries to convey in this advertisement is that everyone, even a snow bear, is not perfect without a bottle of Coca-Cola by their sides.

I like this commercial personally because it is a new take on an old idea. Once again with the polar bears, but doing something completely different.

From: Steven R.

This video shows us that the height difference does not matter. Big coke equals small coke, big people equal small people. There should be no discriminations and everyone should enjoy the happiness and joy of the life.

From: Kevin S.

This commecial contains a  message.

The battle between monsters is about to outbreak, the villain has a dragon that breath fire. However, the other side brings out duplicate of the dragon but made out of ice. The dragon melts the ice dragon and a bottle of coca cola reveals inside of the dragon. The dragon consumes bottle of coca cola and its no longer able to breath out fire. Instead, the dragon breath firework that scares away the villain . The other side celebrate  with cocacla after the villain’s withdrawl.

This video is telling that with coca cola there won’t be any troubles, but happiness and peace.

From: Kevin K.

I believe that this
is the best coca cola as it gives coca cola a happy image. The general purpose of an advertisement is to make the audience feel happy towards the product and make them want to buy it. By showing the audience a quirky and charitable feeling, even if only for a moment, it implanted in their minds the thought that coke is a happy and friendly company. It made them forget about how unhealthy it is and left them with the happy feeling of seeing other people happy. Ultimately, with the use of distractions, the advertisement made it’s product seem desirable and friendly.

From: Frank Z.

I believe this commercial is the best, because it capitalizes on the concept of a holiday to promote the product of coke. The air dropped coke cans are similar to Cupid’s arrows, connecting lovers on Valentine’s Day. The colours are very gentle, which instills a sense of coziness on the viewer. The commercial makes the viewers feel warm inside. The juxtaposition of the calm music and various scenes of lovers walking fill the viewer with joy. For older audience, the walking might make them remember the good old days when they would go out with their lovers. By putting the viewers in a happy mood, coke put the message of promoting happiness with cocacola inside the viewer’s mind. The images of coke cans are not in the centre of the shots all of the time, but they are in almost all of the shots, reminding the viewers that this ad is about cocacola.