HomeWork – Engineering – Coke Commercials 3

From: Rowena S.

The name of this coke commercial is UNLOCK THE SECRET FORMULA .  One of the major different between this video and other coca cola commercial is the use of up-tempo music and the fast-forwarding pictures which can easily attract our attention to watch the video . And at this time , the coca cola company stopped to create the atmosphere of happiness and joy but changed to create the feeling of tension just like the detective film . In this video , it combined several symbols of the coca cola company from the earlier commercials such as the polar bear , the ice and the santé ,etc ,to show the creation and development of the coca cola to let the customers get to know the history of the company . Last but not least , they use the figure of coca cola as a very special ,valuable and precious treasure –the secret formula . “Unlock the secret formula” is really the process of the customers getting familiar and start to buy and enjoy the coca cola .

I like this commercial because it is different and creatively ,and to watch it is just like watching a very exciting movie and drinking a bottle of coca cola at same time , the best way to let peolple remember something is to let them feel it , YES I REALLY CAN FEEL IT !

From: Gary J.

This Coca Cola commercial is called the Sleepwalker. It depicts a man who is sleepwalking in the wilderness eager to get a bottle of Coca Cola. The commercial reminds the audience subconsciously that people love Coca Cola and deep inside their mind they remember the happiness and joy Coca Cola brings them. They would dream about Coca Cola and overcome whatever stands before them to get a bottle of refreshment just like what the commercial has shown. At the end of the commercial, the character shows a big relieving smile. Again, the commercial is trying to put a mindset that drinking Coca Cola would bring you happiness.

From: YiDing J.

This commercial is very effective especially to adult audience.  At the beginning of the ad, the lively music and beautiful sunshine create a comfortable atmosphere.  They readily establish a connection between the comfortable lifestyle and the cokes girls are drinking.  It may as well insinuate that girls, and boys, who drink coke are beautiful, and muscular.  Cleverly, the commercial also establish the connection between physical attractiveness, which many would die for, and cokes, which give people supposed attractiveness with a few dollars.

From: Tom C.

This was an ad done by Coca-Cola in 1990. Michael Jordan was the biggest role model to kids during that time and projecting an image of him in the commercial would’ve created a huge controversy over this product in the market. The NBA star is a well-known figure all over the world and associating him with that brand created a huge demand for the product.

From: Olly Y.

From: Luke Q.

I think this is the best coca-cola commercial because it’s funny, and to also gave viewer the hint of coca-cola is all you need, it’s everything you want.