In Class Test – Engineering 11/12 Chemical Engineering (1)

Test Date: October 16, 2013

Definition of chemical engineering Difference between a chemist and a chemical engineer

Identify Employment/Jobs/Position as a Chemical Engineer

Identify Post-Secondary pathways – Education/School

Food Technology

Everyday food

  • History of how food was obtained/made
  • Modern Processing Food Technology (Example: Soya Sauce)
  • In Class demonstration – Croissant Cold Storage / Crackable package (example)
  • Keep In Mind – Transportation of Food


  • History (Water, Mineral/Sparkling Water/Soda Water)
  • Coke – History, Why, How Marketing Ideas
  • Portability
  • Energy Drinks – Gatorade (Electrolyte, Chemical Balance)

Emergency Food

  • History, rationale, content (Campbell chicken noodle soup)
  • Methods of preserving food
  • Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) – History, What’s in it, Good for you? Examples: War Food, Can Food, Powder Drinks, Dried Food/Fruits, Eating Tools.
  • NEW MRE – Heat Food in packages – Heating Disk (Chemical Reaction) Reusable containers,  sanitary cleaners/wipes, Comfort Food
  • FULL Meal as a package, various menus
  • 1 day meal – 1200 cal. = 1 day energy in take Just add water
  • Cannot be sold to outside the military

Humanitarian Food Supply (Humanitarian Daily Rations – HDR)

  • Transportable – airplane drop
  • Why the airplane does not land
  • Process of distributing the food – twice daily (AM, PM)
  • Need Water Smaller than MRE Does not heat up, Less selection

Test Format 50 to 60 points

  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching
  • Fill In the Blank
  • Short Answers

To Study for the Test

  • Imagine each of the sub topics above will be asked 3 questions
  • Provide 2 answer for each question.
  • Go over all your notes/sheets
  • Recall each class demonstration
  • Recall each class discussion