HomeWork – Engineering – Coke Commercials 4

From: YiFei W.

I think the idea is really good, and it is really funny too. People will be surprised when they saw the boy answering the “phone”, and lots of them may laugh it too. At least I  laughed when the guy scooted to the girl. Also, this commercial can let people relaxed especially after they just finished their work. I believe these people will ask themself do they have some Coca Cola in their  refrigerators?

From: Vivy W.

I think this is a great ad.

First of all, this video has a brisk and vivid background music combined with bright visuals. These two elements effectively create a warm and light-hearted atmosphere. For example, the smile on everyone’s face is used to convey a sense of satisfaction, and this satisfaction, of course, is connected to Coca Cola later on.

Secondly, this ad is composed of real life stories from people with various jobs and different ages; therefore,the as successfully makes itself suitable for almost everybody. In addition to a wide range of audience, the content of the ad is also contributing to its success as it is persuading the audience to spread kindness and happiness to everyone including strangers. Again, Coca Cola has been integrated into this positive and optimistic message in order to suggest the audience that Coca Cola is equal to a happy individual, a united community, and a beautiful world.

Lastly, the ad wisely manipulates the word “crazy” in a humorous and positive way to explain that with Coca Cola, how goals that seem impossible to reach are actually reachable. Besides, the presence of subtitles not only does not distract the audience’s attention from the images, but also further demonstrates that these are real life stories. In other words, it is used to emphasize that in reality, people can “open happiness” by drinking Coca Cola.

From: Daniel L.

I like this commercial because:

First of all, it is very funny. The first twenty seconds is very normal. However, when cokes are keeping coming out, I get a little bit curious. And it attracts me to keep watching. When I saw all kinds of cokes, pizzas, balloons come out of the machine, I can not stop myself from laughing.

Secondly, the commercial also tells us something. There is one strike after another in this commercial, which stands for the continuous strike after drinking the coca cola. Also, it tells us when or how to drink coca cola. When you are having pizza, having sandwiches, having fun with balloons and so on.

As the title tells us, a coke machine is also a happiness machine. When people are drinking coke, they are also drinking happiness. And the commercial did give us this idea, which is the successful part about this commercial.

From Alex S.

This commercial depicts a war happened in Germany in 1944. It creates a sense of suspense at first and make the audience wonder why a coca cola bottle would appear in such a intense battle. The grenades are thrown back and forth, further intensifying the mood. As the commercial proceeds, the encounter of the two troops make the intense atmosphere reach the climax. After several rounds of shooting and shouting and bombing, a soldier mistakenly threw a Coca Cola bottle to the opponent’s side. This became the turning point of the battle, showing how great the Coca Cola is so that the war can even pause for a few minutes for it. Picking up the coca cola bottle, the enemies were hated by the attacking force. Then the confrontation begins, showing the audience that a bottle of coke can be so charismatic that the two armies are fighting over it. The stalemate then seem kind of ridiculous because the enemies are using the coca cola bottle as the hostage to keep themselves safe. However, the tank comes in and further show that the coca cola worth such a big fighting. In short, this commercial exaggerate yet promote the significance the coca cola bottle can have to the people. Like these armies are fighting for a drink of the coca cola.