Engineering 11/12 Term 2 Test 1

From the video: Top 10 Construction Projects of the 20th Century – Frontiers of Construction

Select one (1) of the ten (10) construction project described in the video and answer the following question:

Why do you feel your group’s selected project should be considered to be the best man-made creation of our modern times.

  • Provide an explanation to your answer
  • Identify any other related project(s) since the video was made that can be equal or better than the example your group had selected.  Explain why this is better
  • Identify a possible fault or area of improvement for your group’s selected project.  Be creative but not outrageous and/or inappropriate.

You may choose to submit a group response (up to 3 people in the group).  Make sure everyone’s name is attached to the response.  Keeping in mind that everyone in the group will receive the same mark.  If Mr. Yu does not agree with your response, everyone will do poorly together.  Choose your group wisely.

For Marks

1) You are to submit your response to Mr. Yu via email using your professional email account. (5 points)

2) Your position is to be supported by comments and examples. (10 points)

3) Your complete response must not be more than 350 words and must be written in ‘Good’ English. (5 points)

4) Your email must be received by 11:59pm Sunday night (Jan.26.2014).  Late submission will not be accepted.  Picking a representative who can send your group’s response on time via email will be an important factor for this test.

The process of evaluation will be done using a progressive incline marking scheme.  This means: those who submit early will be marked easier, inversely those who submit closer to the deadline will be marked harder.

No marks will be given if your group’s response is not treated seriously.  If you submit a funny and/or non serious response, Mr. Yu will respond with a funny and non serious mark.  This will absolutely affect your term 2 standing.