Drafting Test – Term 3 – Email Submission

BBC – Design Rules

Episode 1 (Space) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os02K3VP8-I

Episode 5 (Interior Planning) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdh08cVW8Os


Pick one of the following Guiding Questions and provide a response via email (350 words max) to Mr. Yu:

1)      What did you learn?

2)      Identify 3 major concepts from the 2 episodes and explain them to a grade 8 student using simple language.

3)      What have you seen/learned from these two videos that will allow you to improve your Starbucks store design?



1)      Re-watch both videos

2)      Take notes

3)      Decide on which question to answer

4)      Compose your email and send to Mr. Yu before deadline


Email (350 words max) Due: Monday – 9:00am



You will receive a very low mark if you simply type up the video transcript and submit that for marks.

Mr. Yu will need to assess your ability to interpret the video as werll as applying them into your design. (High Mark)

In order words: think and respond.

If your answer sounds like the video being ‘played’, very low mark.