Create a proper Email Address

Total Class time: 1 to 2 classes

Teacher led class (presentation) with class discussions

Objective: to create a proper professional email address for future school (secondary & post secondary) and employment purposes.  This is to be done using an online service.

  • Example:, Gmail,, etc.
  • Gmail would be best for this course, additional option would be to create the exact same email address under as well.  We will use both for later activities.

Guiding Question(s):

  1. Why do you need a professional Email Address?
  2. Why is a bad email address?
  3. Identify the positive characteristic of the following examples for John Smith:

Identify why the following is a bad example:

  1. Question: guess where the numbers came from?
  2. Question: why is it a bad idea to use numbers?

Advance Question: why are the following examples a bad email to use professionally?


Super Advance Question: If any of the above bad examples were used as your personal/professional email address, what would be the consequences?

Home Work:

find out what is your teacher’s professional email address.

send an email to your teacher using your professional email address, you must include the following:

Subject Line: VSB-Gladstone re: Professional Email Address Assignment

Body of email: Your First Name, Last Name, Student Number, Home Room