Posting personal Info Online

Total Class time: 2 to 3 classes

Student activities class

Objective: to gather information and present them in the form of a brochure/cheat sheet.


Class Activity – Students may work in pairs.  Students are to look through the above websites and decide on what are the most important message/resources/materials best suited to help protect their friends, family (brothers & sisters) and neighbours from harm.  Cut and paste your findings and make them into a shingle sheet brochure.  Print your single page brochure for your classroom teacher.  Make sure to use the correct size fonts to allow for reader(s) to clearly see your findings.  you may use information you had obtained from previous internet safety classes. 

Most important: Put Your Name(s) and student number on it!

Please keep in mind that your effort will keep someone you know (family, friends, and neighbours) safe while online.