Introduction to Digital Photos

  • Total Class time: 3 to 5 classes
  • Teacher led class (presentation) with class discussions and student activities
  • Objective: to introduce the concept of basic digital photography and use various online tools to enhance the digital photos. * digital camera needed, cellphone is acceptable. *

Take your camera and take as many pictures as you can (inside and outside).  Be aware that not everyone may want to be photograph by you.  Seek permission before taking their photo(s).  Keeping in mind “No” means No.

Consider photographing the following topics:

  • People
  • Places
  • Things
  • News

Explore the following websites:

Activity: Pick 5 of your best photos and post them to your WordPress site.

Before you signup for any type of accounts with any of the above listed websites.  Keep in mind internet safety.  Do not signup if you don’t need to.  Less information of you out there among the internet world, the safer you will be.