Introduction to Digital Animations

  • Total Class time: 3 to 5 classes
  • Teacher led class (presentation) with class discussions and student activities
  • Objective: to introduce the concept of digital animations.

Activity: find a small group of websites where it offers free animation creation services.  Cut and paste their website links to your WordPress site as a Post.

Activity: create a short animation clip and post it to your YouTube account.  Once completed, copy and paste the video link to your WordPress website.

Suggested Topic:

  • A small/short story
  • A Public Service Message (PSA)
  • An Ad for a product or service

Keep in mind, what is good taste and what is not.  As this is your creation, you should consider your work to reflect who you are and what you stand for.  Create something that you will be proud of and not something that will cause you to feel bad.