Student Activities – Part 1

  • Total Class time: 2 to 3 classes
  • Student Activity(s)
  • Objective: to create two basic level cellphone apps by following the examples described by the MIT website.

Demonstrate your results to the Classroom Teacher

Hello Purr for App Inventor 2Hello Purr is the Hello World tutorial for App Inventor. This simple exercise takes you through the very basics of App Inventor. In a very short time you will create a button that has a picture of a cat on it, and then program the button so that when it is clicked a “meow” sound plays. This version of the tutorial is for use with App Inventor 2. Basic
Magic 8-ball for App Inventor 2This introductory module will guide you through building a “Magic 8-Ball” app with App Inventor 2. When activated, your 8-ball will deliver one of its classic predictions, such as “It is decidedly so” or “Reply hazy, try again.” At first you activate the 8-Ball by clicking a button. If you are using a device (rather than the emulator) you can add in an accelerometer component so that the 8-Ball makes a new prediction whenever the device is shaken. Note: This tutorial can be used in place of Hello Purr since it initially has the same functionality, and then goes on to the extend that functionality. This version of the tutorial is for use with App Inventor 2. Basic
MoleMash for App Inventor 2In the arcade game Whac-a-Mole TM , a “mole” pops up at random positions on a playing field, and the user score points by hitting the mole with a mallet. This is a similar game that uses the touchscreen. This tutorial introduces: image sprites, timers, and procedures. Basic
PaintPot (Part 1) for App Inventor 2PaintPot lets you scribble in different colors by touching the screen to draw dots and lines. Concepts introduced in this project include: Canvas components for drawing; event handlers that take arguments, including touch and drag events; and Arrangement components for controlling screen layout. Part 2 extends the project to draw dots of different sizes, as an introduction to global variables. Variation: PaintPic extends this app to use the camera component to take a new picture for drawing upon. This version of the tutorial is for use with App Inventor 2. Basic
PaintPot (Part 2) for App Inventor 2This is a continuation of Paint Pot (Part 1). Be sure to complete that tutorial before attempting this one. Basic
PicCall for App Inventor 2PicCall illustrates how to create applications that use the phone’s functionality. This application lets you select people from your contact list and display their pictures. When you press a picture picture, the phone calls that person. Basic