Student Activities – Part 2

  • Total Class time: 3 to 5 classes
  • Student Activity(s)
  • Objective: to create three intermediate level cellphone apps by following the examples described by the MIT website.  Students will be expected to make modifications and changes to reflect individualized work.

Demonstrate your results to the Classroom Teacher

Get the Gold for App Inventor 2By building the Get The Gold App you will get practice with setting visibility, using Clock components and Timers, and detecting collisions in App Inventor. You’ll program an application that has a pirate ship whose goal is to collect all the gold on the screen. Intermediate
Paint Pot Extended with Camera (AI2)This version of Paintpot allows you to draw circles and lines on a picture you take with your camera. You’ll learn about the Canvas component, drawing, color, and the Camera component. Intermediate
Mole Mash 2 with Sprite Layering for App Inventor 2MoleMash2 provides an alternative implementation of the classic boardwalk game that demonstrates how to use the Advanced features in the Blocks Editor and how to layer Sprites. Intermediate
VideoWall for App Inventor 2The Video Wall app demonstrates how you can control the size of a video playing in an app by using the Video Player component’s Width, Height, and FullScreen features. The VideoWall uses media assets (videos stored in the app itself), but you can use the app to display videos from the internet as well. Intermediate
StockQuotes for App Inventor 2This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Web component to make an app call a web service (Yahoo! Finance) with a simple application programmer interface (API). Intermediate
Mini Golf: Fling, TouchUp, TouchDown Gestures for App Inventor 2Mini Golf is an addictive little game app that demonstrates how to use the Fling, TouchUp and TouchDown gestures on Sprites. Hold down the positioning arrows to move the ball to the desired position on the tee, then Tee Off by flinging the ball toward the hole. After a hole is scored, the screen randomly sets up a new hole, providing a unique challenge every time. This tutorial is for App Inventor 2. Intermediate
Space InvadersCreate a 2-D arcade game for shooting targets –in this case, flying saucers. You’ll learn how to animate objects with the Clock.Timer event and react to events like two objects colliding. Intermediate
No Text While Driving for AI2Busy driving or in a meeting? Set this app to auto-respond to incoming texts by sending a reply text and also speaking the incoming text out loud. Intermediate
QuizMe for App Inventor 2QuizMe is a trivia game about baseball, but you can use it as a template to build quizzes on any topic. This tutorial is especially useful for learning about working with information in Lists. Lists are useful data structures for keeping track of many items of the same type, especially when you want to cycle through those items. Intermediate
Sharing Component: send files and text with the app of your choiceIn this 3-minute video, App Inventor Developer José Dominguez shows you how to use the File Sharing component in App Inventor 2 to share text and/or files from your App Inventor app to any messaging-capable service on your device (e.g. Gmail, Twitter, G+, WhatsApp, Messaging, etc.). Intermediate
Photo Booth AppThis tutorial demonstrates how to develop a Photo Booth app. You’ll build an app that let’s you take pictures, assign pictures to canvases and share pictures via email.

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