Planning 10 – Employment Standards Act

A Guide to the Employment Standards Act (PDF)

BC Employment Standards Act – Website (Link)


Guiding Questions:

1. Once you have reported to work, what is the minimum pay you should receive, if you were scheduled to work a seven-hour shift and sent home after one hour?

2. Are you entitled to a coffee break in B.C.?

3. List the ten Statutory Holidays in B.C.

4. If you were a manager would you be entitled to extra pay for working on a Statutory Holiday?

5. How long after you start a job, do you qualify for statutory holiday pay?

6. Are there a minimum number of days that you would have to work in order to qualify for statutory holiday pay?

7. Can an employer require you to remove nose rings, tongue rings etc. prior to commencing a shift?

8. What is the minimum wage for most employees in B.C.?

9. Are there other minimum wage rates in B.C.?

10. What is the liquor server minimum wage?

11. Can an employer require an employee to pay for breakage, shortage or dine and dash?

12. Are tips considered wages?

13. What should you do if a customer takes $40 worth of goods/products and leaves without paying?

14. What should you do if the employer requires you to repay the $40?

15. If the employer tells you that you have to wear a white shirt and black pants or skirt at work, is this considered a uniform?

16. If someone in your immediate family dies, how many days off are you entitled to?

17. Are these days off with or without pay?

18. How many times per month must an employee be paid under the Act?

19. How many days does the employer have to pay you all wages owed if you quit your job?

20. How many days does the employer have to pay you all wages owed if you are fired?

21. Are there times when an employer doesn’t have to give notice or pay in lieu of notice?

22. “Just Cause” is having the right to terminate an employee. Give two examples of that.

23. How long do you have to work for the same employer before you qualify for your first vacation?