Broadcast Communication 10


This is the first portion of the Broadcast Communications program. This innovative course and is highly recommended for students who love to stand behind the mic or behind the control board at a big event.

We do many things in this course, we provide services to many different activities in the school.

Students with above average marks in English are encouraged to sign up for this course.

Open to students in Grade 9/10/11/12.

Special Notes

Activities/Projects/Topics include:

  • making school PA announcements
  • being the master of ceremonies at special school events
  • making videos for Cafe TV
  • creating promotional videos to highlight the school and its various programs
  • creating interviews using video and internet media
  • updating and improving the school’s website
  • learning to utilize portable and stationary video and sound equipment.

Parts or components of this course will fulfill requirements for the Graduation Transition Program. This course will also provide introduction to BCIT’s Broadcast Communications Program.


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