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Jenna Marbles – YouTube Personality

 In a lengthy paragraph, clearly identify and articulate why Jenna Marble is so successful at what she does.  Identify 4 characteristics that you can see as to why she is so captivating.  Use examples and provide clip links to support your answer.  Suggestion: Do a bit of research on Jenna Marbles outside Youtube and view her channel within Youtube to help you to formulate your response.

HK: Bus Uncle – Question 1

Should YouTube be an avenue/outlet for social outrage? Should individuals be photographed/video taped and posted to YouTube without permission?  Should there be a consequence(s) for this type of action?  Provide your comments and perspectives; be focused and logical with your response.

Social Media – How Individuals Get Famous via Youtube

This is a group response.  You will only need to pick one individual from the list and response to this post.

Please provide the following information:

  • Tell me about the individual (background info)
  • What did this person do via YouTube to became famous?
  • What is impact/result of their YouTube performance?
  • Where are they now/How has YouTube affected their life?

You should have enough to say so that your reader can develop a picture of your discussion.  Please respond with no more than 500 or 600 words max.

Online Bullying – Question 3

Respond to this question directly: you are now the CEO of YouTube, your viewers are posting videos of Online Bullying; how would you stop and/or deter this type of behaviour from happening in the future.  How does this type of behaviour affect the success of Youtube?

Online Bullying – Question 2

Respond to one of the Video posts: imagine you are a CSI or a Police detective; watch the video again and provide as much detail as possible via your observation and try to identify the victim, the perpetrator, the location, and date and time of the incident.  Write your comment in the style of a police report.