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HomeWork – Engineering – Coke Commercials 2

From: Eiden Xie

I think this ad is an great example of showing the attraction of coke and that’s the reason I believe it. Is the best.This advertisement’s name is “Crave”.As you can tell from the name,it tries to deliver one  message– the attractiveness of coke.It actually shows it in a very effective way.The whole video creates a mysterious atmosphere.The music helps with it very much.Throughout the video,lots of supernatural things occur and they are the hooks which grabs the audiences’ attention. When the man is thirsty and wants to buy coke,all the things he sees sort of related to coke.For example,the sculptures are in coke bottle’s shape, and the bike is exactly a coke.Especially in the end of the ad,we know that all those supernatural things come from the man’s mind.When he was hurrying for coke,the world shows the audiences how eager he was,thus they get the feeling of eagerness and the charm of coke.We can assume that after watching this ad,many people will try coke due to its attractiveness which has been shown in the ad.

From: Victor Y.

I’ll quote the top comments here to help explain why THIS is the best Coca-Cola commercial ever:

“i’m studying advertising and i think i’ve just found out the best advert ever. that’s what i talk about when i try to explain how to create strong emotions just using images and good sound. Nobody talks here.. they just sing and smile! what’s better ? I think there’s nothing better. “Coca Cola wins WHATEVER it chooses, and it’ll sing the joy if it wants”.”

This is exactly what Mr. Yu talked about. The best way to let peolple remember something is to let them feel it. Graphics , Musics etc. Everything an Ad does is to try to create a feeling, a emotion in your heart. And humans are emotional creatures. Aren’t you touched when watching this video? If you do then this is definitely a wonderfull commercial. And the best.

From: Clark F.

I selected this AD because it made me laugh and remember it instantly, It shows how different kinds of people from different countries all want coke and that its great for a hot and dry day.

From: Jeffery C.

This is a vintage coca cola commercial from the 1950s. It is different from all the coke commercials seen to day because it is simple and uses words to convince you instead of using images to move you like other modern ones I found. It features a businessman sitting in a restaurant sipping a glass of coke while telling you how refreshing it is to have a coke during break time. It also makes you feel that coke is what gentlemen drink, therefore it gives you more “class”.

From: Kevin Z.

This is the commercial I choose.

Although it is a Pepsi commercial, I see it as a Coke advertisement made by Pepsi.

The video makes people curious about the difference between Coke and Pepsi, and once they taste the two, they will realize how ironic this commercial is: Coke taste way more better than Pepsi.

This commercial actually makes more people drink Coke who previously drink Pepsi. So this is a very successful Coke advertisement.

From: Jimmy Y.

This is the most recent Coca-Cola commercial I have seen, which was revealed at the 2013 Super Bowl. Once again, this commercial uses the most notable characters in Coca-Cola commercials: The polar bears. This time, they are trying to build a snowman, or rather, a snowbear.

This commercial brilliantly shows how Coca-Cola is the perfect drink to enjoy after a day’s work and with family, which is what the last few seconds are designed to show. The other message that Coca-Cola tries to convey in this advertisement is that everyone, even a snow bear, is not perfect without a bottle of Coca-Cola by their sides.

I like this commercial personally because it is a new take on an old idea. Once again with the polar bears, but doing something completely different.

From: Steven R.

This video shows us that the height difference does not matter. Big coke equals small coke, big people equal small people. There should be no discriminations and everyone should enjoy the happiness and joy of the life.

From: Kevin S.

This commecial contains a  message.

The battle between monsters is about to outbreak, the villain has a dragon that breath fire. However, the other side brings out duplicate of the dragon but made out of ice. The dragon melts the ice dragon and a bottle of coca cola reveals inside of the dragon. The dragon consumes bottle of coca cola and its no longer able to breath out fire. Instead, the dragon breath firework that scares away the villain . The other side celebrate  with cocacla after the villain’s withdrawl.

This video is telling that with coca cola there won’t be any troubles, but happiness and peace.

From: Kevin K.

I believe that this
is the best coca cola as it gives coca cola a happy image. The general purpose of an advertisement is to make the audience feel happy towards the product and make them want to buy it. By showing the audience a quirky and charitable feeling, even if only for a moment, it implanted in their minds the thought that coke is a happy and friendly company. It made them forget about how unhealthy it is and left them with the happy feeling of seeing other people happy. Ultimately, with the use of distractions, the advertisement made it’s product seem desirable and friendly.

From: Frank Z.

I believe this commercial is the best, because it capitalizes on the concept of a holiday to promote the product of coke. The air dropped coke cans are similar to Cupid’s arrows, connecting lovers on Valentine’s Day. The colours are very gentle, which instills a sense of coziness on the viewer. The commercial makes the viewers feel warm inside. The juxtaposition of the calm music and various scenes of lovers walking fill the viewer with joy. For older audience, the walking might make them remember the good old days when they would go out with their lovers. By putting the viewers in a happy mood, coke put the message of promoting happiness with cocacola inside the viewer’s mind. The images of coke cans are not in the centre of the shots all of the time, but they are in almost all of the shots, reminding the viewers that this ad is about cocacola.


HomeWork – Engineering – Coke Commercials

Home Work: Find the Best Coca Cola Commercial/Ad available on YouTube, and explain why you think it is the best.  Send your finding(s) and explanations as an email to Mr. Yu along with the YouTube link.

From: Mr. Yu



From: Alice Y.

I believe the “2007-HAPPINESS FACTORY” is  the best Coca Cola commercial because a successful ad is about making customers happy and love’ to buy the products—–Coke’s ad is a outstanding example.

  1. Positive view: It creates a atmosphere of happiness.      People loves to watch commercial which is comfortable and happy.
  2. Music: All dancing and singing through the movie.  This also helps customers have a good mood.
  3. curiousness: As a customer, i don’t know how coke is made, sometimes, i am also curious about how the selling machine works. When I saw the ad, It is very interesting and i was attracted by those cute characters from the      cartoon. Therefore, they use the curiosty of the customers.
  4. Cartoon: Children love it.

To sum up, I think it is the best ad because it is very interesting and funny.The company creates a completely novel advertisement.

From: Sally W.

This commercial is the best because of its irony  in claiming that coke keeps you thin. The commercial is arguing that the refreshing feeling of coke can keep you from eathing something else when actually coke itself is consisted of rapidly digested sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These substances may cause a spike in blood pressure obsedity and rotting teeth. Yet the woman says that coke has no more calories than half a grapefruit. She also says that coke is low in calories so it is okay but we know that even  diet coke can cause health issues such as heart and kidney problems. I think that the most ironic line in the commerical is when she says “Hey now don’t you get any thinner”. I think that coke is, like what the commercial states, a very refreshing drink and I often drink it, but it should be consumed in modest amounts so we are not exposed to its health risks. As well we should not be decieved by the commercial in thinking that coke can actually make us thinner.

From: Daniel K

I think this is the best coca cola commercial, because it displays comedy,  friendship (which is so important!!), and a short message.

Due to the border guards’ great acting, coca cola has once again succeeded in making a great commercial like this one.

Although the border guards want to stay in their own side of ground, the cold drink of coke brings them together that bring happiness in the mouth for even a short time. And by this, it seems like their friendship is going to grow gradually.

From: Christopher K.

I think that this commercial is the best commercial out of all the cocoa cola commercials. I think this because it shows that allot of people have great intentions and a good heart. It barely advertised the product but it made people think differently about the world. Security cameras usually catch things in the act that are bad, but this commercial caught things in the act of good things. even the best products don’t sell themselves, You need good, creative marketing to make the connection between the products and the people who buy them.

From: Phillip W.

What: This advertisement is known as the “GTA themed Coca-Cola commercial”. With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V, I thought it was appropriate to show this. This advertisement was advertised during the super bowl of 2007. The synopsis of this commercial is that a thug-like man, who represents the main character from the Grand Theft Auto games, rampages throughout the city. However, as the story progresses, the man buys a Coca Cola and his mood lightens up and begins to do these acts of kindness. He, instead of creating more violence, made the town a more optimistic place. Hence Coca-Cola’s theme of Happiness.

Why: Through the many great advertisements created by the company, Coca Cola, I decided to choose this one as my favorite. Grand Theft Auto has always been a well known game due to the violence and the vast 3D universe. The game was a huge hit then, and is still a major impact towards our pop-culture today. The Coca Cola company was able to manipulate GTA’s concept that attracts youths, and reversing it to create a more optimistic theme. By creating this all-friendly theme, not only can the Coca-Cola company draw the attention of youths, but also the adults that criticizes the inappropriate factors from GTA games. In conclusion, I personally think that the Coca Cola Company took a smart approach, showing that happiness can be achieved when drinking Coca Cola by using the artworks and concepts from GTA, thus making it my favorite.

From: David K.

It shows the friendship that can come from enjoying coke with other people. The polar bear is also one of Coca-cola’s mascots. The entire sequence also shows the bears playing football, so it probably is a commercial to be played during the superbowl or something similar. Plus polar bears are cool animals that need to be protected.

From: Sungmin J.

This is also one of the best because of the fact that the commercial utilized the most famous holiday, Christmas. This commercial must have been on TV when it was Christmas. By doing this, it picks up people’s Christmas spirit, and possibly making people want to drink Coca Cola. Also, it works the best since the image of the Santa came from Coca Cola.

From Peter L.

It is a great ad for many reasons.

Firstly, it has great visuals.  The excellently-animated insects adds a lot of depth to this video.  You feel like you are watching real, living creatures, not lifeless puppets on the computer screen.  The lush and colorful scenery also helps to brighten the tone of the video, and they give you the feeling that you are in a magical world, where everything is happy and alive.

Secondly, it has a beautiful soundtrack.  The music is bright and lively, which again, aids in delivering a wondrous and magical atmosphere. It complements the video very well.  For example, when the bees swarm in, the entire orchestra plays to give an overwhelming effect.  When only the caterpillar is present, only the flute plays to emphasize the tranquility.  When the large, powerful beetle comes, the tone lowers and darkens, the main instrument changing to a low-pitched string instrument, likely a cello or a double bass.  The overall effect of the video is greatly enhanced by the music.

Thirdly and most importantly, the content of the video is quite surprising and fun to watch.  It shows insects doing ingenious things to obtain a bottle of coke from a human, from using a beetle to open the bottle to having the flower petals act as a champagne fountain for the insects.  This not only refreshes the audiences’ mind, but also sends a very loud message: everything loves coca cola!

From: Mike H.

I like this advertisement because I thnk this advertisment did not use a lot of words or people talking to transfer the message that they  wanted the audience to know, which made it easier for people to understand. The sound of brrr perfectly described the bubblly taste in your month when you drink it. Because of the clearness of the message and the international language used to avoid the limitation for certain region, this commercial is definitly the best.

From: Peter Z.

I like this Coca Cola Ad because in the Ad shows the two different generations’ daily life. The grandpa’s life in the past was moderate and relaxed. The adult’s life today is intense and busy. What the Ad wants to say is that whether you lived in the past or live at present, whether your life is busy or relaxed, you can enjoy your life, with a bottle of Coca Cola.

From: Catherine S.

This is a commercial back in the 1993’s. It was the very first commercial with polar bear. I really like this commercial because i am a big fan of northern light and polar bear. My personal favourite coca cola commercials are all with polar bears, thus i decided to look up the very first coca cola polar bear commercial. I found polar bears really cute and loveable. Also, I found northern light really spiritual. One of my dreams when i grow up is to go to the north pole. I found this commercial short yet original. This commercial is the stepping stone of all the polar bear cola commercials that have been created after 1993.

From: Kun L.

I choose the first coca-cola ad “Things Go Better with Coca-Cola” in 1964, because this commercial made a lot of people knows coke.It was a good start for Coca-Cola to become the most popular sodas in the world.

From: Bruce K.

This commercial is known as “Simpsons Hard Time”. I think this advertisement is the best because it features the characters of “The Simpsons”, as it would create a link with the audience due to its popularity, thus catching the attention of the audience. Other than that, the commercial brings the message of settling our differences, as we can see characters who used to be enemies are getting along well, for example, Nelson and Martin, Maggie and Gerald, Chief Wiggum and Snake. Finally, the commercial shows Milhouse colliding with the Coke bottle, creating a signature “clink” sound. The “clink” sound increases the audio effect, giving the audience an impulse of getting Coke right away.

From: Caleb L.

I think this ad is the best because it’s not like those other ones that just show people drinking coke in daily situations or using cute figures and animations to make your fantasy light up. This ad teaches you that recycling plastic bottles is a wonderful thing and the end results could be reused to make other products. As a reward for recycling, we usually get a few cents or dollars back, but this ad pushes it a bit further, to give out a surprise and this video displays the people’s reactions as they receive the reward.

From: Bo L.

The reason why I choose this advertisement is that I like the sentence at the end of the video, make it possible. The video talks about that a man,whose parents were against him, loved dancing, but his parents thought that there was no future being a dancer. However, he was finally successful in dancing because of a step which he made when he was kicking a bottle of Coke Zero. Although it was impossible to have a good future for a dancer, the man made it possible.

As Coke Zero, people thought there was impossible to make a sugar-free coke without change its taste, but Coca Cola made it. Just like in over 100 years ago, Coca Cola made the ‘impossible’ coke and added the ‘impossible bubbles’ in the coke.

Not only does the advertisement I choose contact its history, but also it includes some details, such as the ballet model. At the begin of the video, the model was sitting and looked unhappy due to the man’s parents’s opposing. In the end, the model was dancing and looked happy, which reflected the sign of Coca Cola, open the happiness.

Those are why I choose this advert.

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