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Day 5 – FLOWOL Programming

Introduced the FLOWOL Programming Software.  Students used Mimic simulations to create flowchart software.   Completed the following:

Zebra Crossing
– Crossing lights (flash)
– Delay 1 sec

Crossing Patrol
– Blink the lights alternately
– Delay .5 sec

Intersection Lights
– Traffic Light sequence
– Introduce Parallel Programming
– Red-Green-Yellow-Red
– Both Red for .5 sec for all cars to stop

Light House
– Sun (On/Off)
– Light Blinks (Short) – Sun (OFF)
– Fog Horn – Blink (Long) – Sun (OFF)
– Stair Lights – ON – Sun (OFF)
– Parallel Programming only

Ferris Wheel (Beginner)
– Parallel Programming only
– Button 1 (ON) – Gate must be close – Wheel Spins
– Button 2 (ON) – switches on all the lights
– Lights should be blinking at different rates and different rates patterns

Day 3 – Driving the Tank

Teams drove the tank using the Drag Race Challenge.

  • Teams modified their tank to increase performance and functionality.

Introduced the Maze challenge.

  • Teams drove the maze challenge and swap drivers,

Improvements were made to the tank to increase performance.

  • Talked about Big Wheel vs Small Wheels
  • Talked about Big Tank vs Small Tank


Day 2 – Building the Tank

Students assembled the VEX-IQ robot Tank/Driving platform.

Introduction to Remote Control/Driving.

Reinforced the concept of Team Work.

Introduce the concept of ‘Reflection/Evaluation’ at the end of the class. How would you improve your tank?



Intermediate Robotics

This is an entry-level course for any students who always wanted to try robotics and their schools don’t have a program. You don’t need to know anything about robotics, just be willing to have fun. You will learn to program and build robots. We will use the VEX-EDR platform

HA65815………. 8:30-10:30…… Jul 10-21…………………$170

Introduction to Robotics

This robotics course provides students with hands-on and project based learning opportunities revolving around science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the utilization of VEX IQ robotics kits. Daily technical challenges must be solved through collaboration, competition and innovation. Be prepared to learn and have fun!

HA60815………. 8:30-10:30…… Jul 10-21…………………$170