Drafting 12


Topics covered will vary from year to year. Students will engage in a variety of learning styles and strategies, but mostly it will be a ‘hands on’ course. This is an advanced level course ideal for students who want to explore the world of architecture, interior design and/or engineering. This course will also emphasize and utilize skills learned from Drafting 11, Engineering 11 and Engineering 12.

This course is designed to provide post-secondary and career exploration opportunities for students who may want to consider this field as a possible career path.

Topics include: using advanced CAD techniques to design and create 3D architectural models as well as to solve simulated design problems. Discussions will include ‘Form vs. Function’, as well as the ‘intended’ and ‘unintended’ usage of space. Students will also learn to apply technologies associated with: land survey, aerial photo mapping and urban planning to solve engineering design problems in an urban setting, as well as designing buildings and structures to support a busy urban center.

Students will also examine examples of ‘good architecture design’ vs. ‘poor architecture design’.

Emphasis will also be placed on hand drawings and construction of scaled models. Students will spend the majority of class time creating individual and collaborative designs which will be added to their architectural portfolio.

Special topics: hand lettering exercises, drawing various architectural lines, and turning ideas into scaled models.

There will be optional local and international field trips related to course content learning.


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