Earth Science 11

Earth Science is the study of the earth and its movements.  Students should be fluent win English as this course is vocabulary intensive.

Topics also includes:

  • stars, the universe
  • the understanding of mankind in the grander universal design.

Special topics will also include:

  • when weather goes bad
  • what happen when re run out of fish
  • when the bog on hits, what should you do

Field Trips are optional when possible.

Special Notes

Areas of study will include:

  • earth materials – rocks, minerals
  • earth activities – volcanic, geysers, earthquakes
  • rocks – bending, flowing, breaking
  • continental drift – theory, evidence, plate tectonics
  • earth’s biology, geologic times, relative vs. absolute
  • fossils and earth history – formation, significance
  • economic geology
  • astronomy
  • oceanography

Text Book: Earth Science by Spaulding and Namowitz – McDougal Littell Press

Unit 1 – Investigating earth

Earth and Its Environment (Introduction)

Geological Science (Resources and Environment)

Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity Made Easy

Unit 2 Earth Matter
September, October, November

Geological Science (Earth Materials)

Unit 3 Dynamic Earth
November, December

Geological Science (Plate Tectonics)

Geological Science (Volcanoes and Vulcanism)

Unit 4 Earth’s Changing Surface
December, January

Geological Science – Rocks and Erosion

Global Changes – when the Earth fights back

Unit 5 Atmosphere and Weather
February, March,

Atmospheric Science (The Atmosphere)

Atmospheric Science (Pressure and Winds)

Atmospheric Science (Evaporation, Precipitation, and Weather)

Unit 6 Earth’s Ocean
March, April

Oceanographic Science (Oceans)

Unit 7 Space
April, May

Astronomical Science (Observing the Universe)

Astronomical Science (Stars and Galaxies)

Astronomical Science (The Sun and the Solar System)

Astronomical Science (The Earth and Moon)

Astronomical Science (Space Technologies)

Unit 8 Earth History
May, June

  • Earth’s History (Geologic Time)


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