Electronics 10


Students who consider signing up for this course should have marks with 60% or higher overall. This course is highly recommended for students interested in Engineering, Applied Science, and Advanced Technology.

Topics covered will vary from year to year. Students will engage in a variety of learning styles and strategies, but mostly it will be a ‘hands on’ course. This is a fun course with emphasis on utilizing existing technology to help us with our daily lives.
Topics include: LEGO Robotics, VEX Robotics, building computers, loading software, troubleshooting software and hardware compatibility issues, simple and basic network setup, cellphone apps creation, and the application of student’s knowledge to solve real everyday technology problems. Additional topics will include: introduction to binary numbers, and exploration of the world of electronics technology.
There will be optional local and international field trips related to course content learning.

Term 1

• Basic Electronics

• Computer Recycling

• Software Installation

• Electronics Theory (1)

Term 2

• Basic small computer network assembly

• Cell Phone Application (APP) development (Google Android System)

• Adrino – Computer Interface Projects • Electronics Theory (2)

Term 3

• Robotics – Introduction

• Basic robot operation

• Computer programming – robot operation

• Assemble a VEX bot to perform a task

• Electronics Theory (3)


Field Trips (Optional)

• Local: Cambie Secondary School – VEX Competition (December)

• Local: BCIT – VEX Competition (March)

• Outside the Lower Mainland: Courtney – VEX Competition (February)

• Outside the Lower Mainland: Edmonton, Alberta – VEX Competition (February)

• International: Los Angles – International VEX Competition (April)

• International: Spring Break Trip – To Be Announced. (March/April)


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