Electronics 11

(MEL- -11)

In Electronics 11 – you will learn how to build a computer, how to fix a computer, and how to make it work better.  You will also learn how to build a computer network.  If you encounter a computer at least once a day; this is the course for you.  Robotics is also a large component of the course.  Students with above average marks in Physics and Math are encouraged to sign up for this course.  This is a SERIOUS course recommended for students who are considering/pursuing a professional career in Electronics Technology and/or Electrical/Computer Engineering.

Term 1A – Robotics and Computer Installation

Term 1B – Software Installation and Network Installation

Term 2A – Traditional Electronics

Term 2B – Electronics Manufacturing

Term 3A – Computer Programming – Electronics Interfacing

Term 3B – Real World Problem Solving Techniques


All students are encouraged to be part of any/all the field trips.  Each student’s family is to provide funding for any field trip the student is partaking.  However, money should not be a deterrent to participation.  A small amount of funds will be available to subsidize the local field trips.  However, any trips out of the lower mainland or international trips must be covered by the student before participation.  Please contact Mr. Yu should you have any questions.


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