Electronics 12 – Robotics

This course is intended for student who have completed other senior electronics courses before.  This course have many activities that requires students to contribute time outside of regular class schedule.

If you are look for a course to demonstrate your skills and capabilities in service to the school and to other fellow students, then this is the course for you.

Students with above average marks in Physics and Math are encouraged to sign up for this course.

5 other field trips are available to the students throughout the year in the form of Robotics Competitions:

  • November – Seattle – Redmond – Vex Kick Start
  • December – Vancouver – Lower Mainland Season Opener
  • February – Vancouver Island
  • February – Seattle – Redmond
  • March – Vancouver – BCIT – Season Wrap-up Championship
  • April – World Competition (If Qualified)

This course can be used as a Focus Course for the Career Prep Electronics Program.

This is a self-directed course dedicated to the study of electronics in the world of robotics technology.  This course is highly recommended to students who are self-motivated and have good organizational skills.  It is very suitable for students who are considering/pursuing a professional career in Electronics Technology and/or Electrical/Computer Engineering.  Assignments and projects will vary from year to year.

Open to students: who have completed Electronics 11 or currently in Grade 11, or Grade 12.


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