Engineering 11


Students who consider signing up for this course should have marks with 60% or higher overall. This course is highly recommended for students interested in Engineering, Applied Science, and Advanced Technology.

Topics covered will vary from year to year. Students will engage in a variety of learning styles and strategies, but mostly it will be a ‘hands on’ course. This is a focus course with an emphasis on utilizing existing technology to improve our daily lives.

Topics include: VEX Robotics Competition, introduction to three disciples of engineering, a historical overview of discovery and invention, as well as innovations and technological improvements. There will be a section of the course dedicated to covering university entrance and post graduate options. Careers in the various engineering field will also be explored.

Engineering discipline covered during this course:

  • Introduction to Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Introduction to Computer Engineering
  • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

There will be optional local and international field trips related to course content learning.

This course is intended to provide a sampling of the various engineering disciplines offered by UBC and SFU. Course content will be different from year to year.

Robotics Technology, Robotics Competitions
– VEX Robotics (construct a robot)
– Solving a technical problem with a robot
– Pre-Competition Preparations
– At competition – strategies, Successes and Failures, Team Work/Leadership

School of Engineering: Electronics, Computer, Civil, Chemical, BioResource, and Enviroment
– Building a computer
– Computer System Technology
– Environmental Impact due to Technology
– Understanding Networking
– Using a computer Interface: Arduino
– Understand Building, Bridges, and building materials
– Understand the importance of Oil
– Understand the role of Water, Earth (soil), and the Enviroment


Simple tutorial (Examples)

Engineering 11/12 (2013-2014)

Term 1

Chemical Engineering

  • Food Sciences
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • Ancient Science applied Today

Civil and Structural Engineering (Part I)

  • Introduction to Structures
  • Rules of Design and Engineering
  • When things fail

Term 2

Civil and Structural Engineering (Part II)

  • Building a structure
  • Testing a Structure

Environmental Engineering

  • Mass Transit and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Pollution

Term 3

Mechanical Engineering

  • Robotics
  • Real World Problem Solving Technology

Engineering Physics (tentative)

  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Applications of Aviation and Naval Architectures



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