Internet Technology-Web Design

Part A (1/2 of a term) – 16 to 17 classes Part B (1/2 of a term) – 16 to 17 classes
 Term 1 What to do with the Internet (Link)
– Create a proper Email Address
– Internet Safety
– Posting personal Info Online
– Introduction to WordPress website
Creating an Online Presence (Link)
– Improving your WordPress Website
– Introduction to Digital Photos
– Introduction to Digital Videos
– Introduction to Digital Animations
Term 2 Working with Windows as an IT Professional (Link)
– Prep the lab for Windows 8.1 installation
– Install Windows 8.1 (just before Christmas)
– Complete Windows Update
Create Android Cellphone Apps (Link)
– Cellphone App Design (after Christmas, after the lab has been reimaged)
Term 3 Computer Entertainment Technology (Link)
– Creating Games and Using 3D design software
Computer Programming/Applications (Link)
– Flowchart Programming (FLOWOL)
– Easy C Programming (VEX)
– VEX-IQ Robotics (Programming to the challenge)