Metal Work

2019/2020 School Year

Students in the Metal Work program will learn about the fundamental basics of metal work and its related subjects.  The focus of this year’s program will include the design process, a historical perspective of metal work and its importance to society during the various periods throughout history.  Students will learn to design, construct, and present various objects and creations using the techniques and processes taught in class.  Hand skills and workmanship will be emphasized and practiced.  Students can expect to produce useful objects to enhance their daily lives and benefit others within their social circles.  This course will include a section on jewelry and design, its value in our today’s society and the overall relevance to our global community.

Term 1 – Small Objects of importance – everyday household items, and emergency tools

Term 2 – Classical Studies of Blacksmithing and the study of classical weaponry.  Topics will include the effectiveness and improvement of these artifacts throughout the various ages within the western culture.

Term 3 – Jewelry and personal mementos.  Creation of a work of art as well as personalized items of importance.

Basic supplies will be provided free to the students.  Enhance quality supplies (expensive) may be purchased by students for use to create projects and objects that are above and beyond the requirements of the course.