Technology 10


Topics covered will vary from year to year. Students will engage in a variety of learning styles and strategies, but mostly it will be a ‘hands on’ course. Topics include: LEGO Robotics, VEX Robotics, Multi-Media Technology, Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting, Introduction to Computer Hardware Architecture, as well as Airplanes and Rockets. Additional topics include: Introduction to Jewelry and Introduction to Electronics.

There will be optional local and international field trips related to course content learning.

Term 1a – Robotics

Students will learn to build/operate/program VEX-IQ and VEX(metal) robots.  Additional learning will include the VEX-IQ and VEX robotics competitions and their game play.  Successful students will represent the school’s robotics team to compete locally and internationally.

Term 1b – Woodworking

Students will learn to operate the following power tools: hand drill, chop saw, drill press, band saw, disk sander, spindle sander, and table saw (under strict supervision), with the emphasis on safe operation and ‘handle with care’.  Topics and projects will include: a locker shelve, tablet computer holder, and a wooden musical instrument.

Term 2a – Interior design/building

Students will learn to design a small size apartment, furniture layout as well as basic design principles.  hands on experience will include build and constructing a scaled model for presentation.  computer programs used will help build basic foundation towards the senior architecture program at school available at the grade 11 and 12 level.

Term 2b – Electronics

Students will learn to build a computer from basic parts.  Installation of an operating system, and learning the basic concept of a home network.

Term 3a – Jewellery/Body Art/3D Design

Students will learn to make a basic ring, necklace pendent, and the use of string art in jewellery.  Students will also examine the concept of body art and have the opportunity to try to implement their design on a metal surface as part of a design contest.  Students will also have an opportunity to work with 3D printers to built an example of a product that will be introduced and implemented in their senior level tech studies course.

Term 3b – Airplanes/Rockets

Student will learn the concept of flight as well as the history of the pioneer of flight.  This section of the course will include various hands on experiences with building planes and rockets.






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