Technology 9


This course is a continuation of the Applied Skills 8 program in Tech Studies.  Topics covered will include: Robotics, Jewellery making, Interior Design, 3D Architectural Design, Hand (Pencil) Drafting, Basic Electronics, and Computer Technology.  This is a fun filled course suitable for everyone.  The only requirement is your willingness not to give up.  You will learn something new every class.  Extra ‘Hands On’ experience will include Robotics’ Competitions, Field Trips (local and international), and special guest speakers from the world of Technology.

Term 1 – Topics
– General Shop/Room Safety
– Introduction to Woodworking
– Introduction to Computer Technology
Term 2 – Topics
– Robotics (LEGO, VEX IQ)
– Introduction to Drafting Technology
Term 3 – Topics
– Introduction to Transportation Technology
– Introduction to Jewellery Making



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