U.Hill Helpers

Thank You for choosing to be a U.Hill Helper.  Your participation will be documented and your volunteer hours will be credited towards your 30 hours graduation requirement.

By filling out the form below, you have agreed to follow all school rules and as well as directions given by Mr. Yu.  If you wish to help with more than one event, you will need to complete this online-form again.  Once accepted, you will receive an email providing you with detailed instructions.

You are expected to arrive at the designated event on time, as well as being friendly and polite towards your fellow classmates and visitors alike.  At the end of the event, you will receive a letter from Mr. Yu to which you can attached to your graduation portfolio as proof of services provided.

As a U.Hill Helper, you will be an ambassador for University Hill Secondary School, therefore you will need to be identified as member of the school.  You will need to wear the U.Hill “RoboTech” T-Shirt.  You can purchase one for $15 from Mr. Yu (Tech.Studies) or borrow one for the event.  However, for personal cleanliness and health reason, it is encouraged that all helpers to buy/wear their own RoboTech T-Shirt.

Thanks again for choosing to be a helper.



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