Wood Working 10


Woodworking 10 is a beginning woodwork course. Basic woodworking skills will be taught so students can complete several student-oriented projects. Learn how to safely use a variety of power woodworking equipment and perform more detailed hand tool techniques and finishing. Emphasis will be on working on well-designed projects in a safe and sustainable manner. Course content starts with students building toys. The latter part of the course will include construction of a simple furniture projects.

Important Information for Wood Shop Students

Please be advised that if you have experienced head injuries /concussion(s), the noise from the machines in the woodshop may cause discomfort and/or symptomatic episodes.  If this is the case, you should notify Mr. Yu immediately, so that additional steps may be taken to minimize your discomfort (E.g. use of Ear Protection when machines are being used).  You should also notify your family doctor of your course selection. Being absent from class due to injuries for a prolonged period will result in a grade lower than expected.

All wood working classes will require students to lift and carry lumber as a part of the daily class activities. Students with existing health issues and/or unable to carry out such tasks should notify Mr. Yu so that alternative arrangements can be made. Please keep in mind, these tasks are designed to provide students with ‘hands on’ opportunities and the familiarity with the wood working world (E.g. When shopping at the Home Depot, it is expected that the customer is able to sort and select proper lumber for their purchase and being able to load the lumber into their shopping cart and/or into their vehicle).