Wood Working 12


Woodwork 12 is an advanced wood technology course that will broaden students’ understanding of woodworking in various industries and technologies. This is a more advanced level course in cabinet making and construction in which students are encouraged to build upon the skills they learned in MCJ11. Quality of design, planning, and workmanship are keys to success in this course. Production procedures, drawing routines, and cost sheet preparation theory will also be covered. Students who successfully complete this course will be encouraged to pursue post secondary education in this technology field as a possible career pathway. Students will be required to pay for materials used in the manufacture of personal projects.

Students will learn to operate the following power tools: hand drill, chop saw, drill press, band saw, disk sander, spindle sander, and table saw (under strict supervision), with the emphasis on safe operation and ‘handle with care’.

A variety of personal and school wide wood based projects will be constructed by each student as an individual and as a team.  They include: basic frame and structure, staging platforms, book shelves and stands, small Christmas gifts, and toys.  If time permits; students will also have an opportunity to do basic wood turning (making bowls and pens).

Staging will be built for the school musical, band performance, dance performances, and the spring fashion show.

Afterschool work sessions may be required for time sensitive builds.

Term 1A

Students will learn how to operate a number of wood shop machinery safely while producing a number of ‘small build’ projects. Students will also learn to assemble a portable/semi portable stage for various events around the school. Lastly, a portion of this time period will be devoted to safety as an instructional unit. Stage Craft students will also make use of class time to help clean up the staging area of the auditorium.

Term 1B

Students will progress to larger projects which will include construction of functional traditional wood related kitchenware, and small toys. Larger projects will include staging for the winter play and the winter music concert.

Term 2A/2B

Students will focus heavily on creating the staging and sets for the school musical.

Term 3A/3B

Students will focus heavily on creating the staging and sets for the school fashion show.


Important Information for Wood Shop Students

Please be advised that if you have experienced head injuries /concussion(s), the noise from the machines in the woodshop may cause discomfort and/or symptomatic episodes.  If this is the case, you should notify Mr. Yu immediately, so that additional steps may be taken to minimize your discomfort (E.g. use of Ear Protection when machines are being used).  You should also notify your family doctor of your course selection. Being absent from class due to injuries for a prolonged period will result in a grade lower than expected.

All wood working classes will require students to lift and carry lumber as a part of the daily class activities. Students with existing health issues and/or unable to carry out such tasks should notify Mr. Yu so that alternative arrangements can be made. Please keep in mind, these tasks are designed to provide students with ‘hands on’ opportunities and the familiarity with the wood working world (E.g. When shopping at the Home Depot, it is expected that the customer is able to sort and select proper lumber for their purchase and being able to load the lumber into their shopping cart and/or into their vehicle).